I'm Gene Harris. I've been developing software systems for a living over the last 25 years.

Over the last year, I've been working with Eclipse, IntelliJ and XCode on iOS 6-7. I'm using Java JDK 1.7 for back end work, interfacing to PostgreSQL/PostGIS, SOLR and Cloudera HaDoop. I am a rank beginner with Java/JDK 1.7/Eclipse. I have been writing back end services using JBoss as my beans container. I'm relatively proficient with Weld and CDI, particularly Interceptors and Decorators. I'm currently learning JPA, building components to interface with PostgreSQL and SOLR. My background with MS COM/COM+ and C++ in general has aided my understanding of how to architect Java/JBoss solutions that are centered around implementations of public interfaces. I've also become enamoured with Maven, and I wish the .Net side of the equation had a tool similar to Maven. (Nuget, and it's repository offer some similar functionality, but do not offer the integrated make capability of Maven.)

I continue to work with Microsoft tools, primarily as a hobby these days. I've really taken to MS Azure, and enjoy the productivity and integration between Azure and Visual Studio 2013. (I think VS 2013 is clearly superior to Eclipse/IntelliJ, but my peers love to engage me in heated debate over this opinion.) I have significant experience with multi threaded systems, and I'm a big fan of Intel's parallel framework and build environment. I also enjoy coding SQL Server T-SQL and integrated .Net stored procedure environment.

I cut my teeth on IBM Fortran G and H compilers in the fall of 1970. I learned interpreted BASIC on an IBM PC2 in the early eighties, and C on Microsoft XENIX systems. I  primarily favor native C++ code, but that's changed over the years. I've also dallied with Visual Basic 6.0 over the years. I've primarily produced software using C++ on Visual Studio 6 & 2008-2013.

I attempted to learn web design, and gained considerable experience with jQuery, jQuery UI, CSS and more recently, AngularJS. Unfortunately, I am color blind, and my web designs, while responsive and well laid out, suffered from awful color coordination. I'm primarily limited to web site coding, leaving the design work to someone that can actually use colors effectively.

I maintain the managed C++ port of the open source statistical library DCDFLIB

Click on the link if you are looking for my work on the old DOS game Rise of the Triad (WinROTT) ported to VS 2008.

My blog is The Code Wizard's Musings.  To subscribe to my blog, click here.

My old blog is codewiz51 on blogger.com. There is a lot of material in my old blog that I am moving over to my wiki pages.

I use a wiki for my development notes and to keep links to topics I find interesting. The wiki is located here.  Unfortunately, the Screwturn Wiki project is in the process of closing down, or becoming a volunteer effort.  So I've downloaded the source code, recompiled and installed it on .Net 4.0.

I've placed a couple of articles on Code Project.

Here's my LinkedIn profile.

What's Going On

Visual Studio 2012 is the shiny new toy consuming most of my time.

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